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Grooming for Your Best Pal

Senior Dogs

Additional Pet Care Services

Find our top-notch grooming services such as bathing, de-matting and de-shedding, ear cleaning and brushing teeth etc. for your favorite fur ball. These can keep your pooch clean and healthy.

Your trusty old companions deserve more care and attention than their younger counterparts. We make sure that they get the best care. Come to us for our senior dog's care services.

We also give many additional pet care services as per your needs. Those services include medicated baths, bows and fragrances for your pet. You can call us to know more about the services we offer.

We Pamper Your Pet with the Care They Deserve

Come to Shirwill Trim Shop in Glen Cove, NY for Comprehensive Pet Care Services

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Are you a first time visitor? There's a $5 discount waiting for you when you bring your pet in. Make sure that you mention our website when you drop by!

If you're our visitor for regular grooming services, then you can enjoy the best prices available. Nothing is too good for your pet!

Since 1933, we've been providing stellar pet services for our four-legged friends in the area. We strive to make both you and your companion happy when you visit us.

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