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Looking for a Medicated Bath for Your Pet?

Get to know more about it when you visit Shirwill Trim Shop. We're located in Glen Cove, NY

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Medicated Bath Services

Bows for Your Pooch

Fragrances Available

It is essential to remember that during hot summer months, like you, your pup can also experience an increase in skin irritation. We can give your puppy a medicated bath to overcome this.

Make your precious pup look like a movie star! Ask for our stylish bows. With a range of colors to choose from, our bows will make your pet look like a million bucks.

Do you want various beautiful fragrances that make your doggy smell like a treat? Come to us. We have treasure of fragrances to choose from.

Pick-Up Services

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Our Setup

We give pick-up services in selected areas. We're a small one-on-one shop so your dog doesn't get lost in the shuffle. Don't worry about your little one when we're here to take care of him.

When your pet is with us, you can be sure that we know every detail about your furry friend. So, rely on us for our 25 years of experience and services. Contact us soon for your pet care needs.

We've much more intimate setting where same groomer will be at your pet's services every time. This will develop a special bonding and relationship with them.

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