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Does Your Dog Need Grooming Services?

Get the Help from the Professionals at Shirwill Trim Shop in Glen Cove, NY

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Bathing for Your Dog



Is your furry friend in need of a bath but you just can't find the time? Bring them in today for a bath to make them look fresh and clean. We give a bandana for every grooming session.

No matter how well you groom your dog, you're bound to encounter matted hair. Now you don't have to worry! Contact us soon for de-matting services to keep your pet tangle-free.

Heavy shedding is breed-specific. Some breeds shed heavily seasonally, while others shed all year round. We give heavy undercoat services for de-shedding.

Nails-Ears Cleaning

Nail Filing

Blow Drying

There’s more to a clean pet than just a thorough bath. From nail cleaning to ear cleaning, you can find many additional grooming services for pets. Contact us to know more.

Why just nail cleaning? Find our nail trimming services for your pet. We make sure your pet is clean from nose to tail. Your pup can also enjoy teeth-brushing services at our place upon request.

Our blow drying, brushing and finishing services will make your little buddy clean and stylish with a spa-like treatment. Have them been pampered and spoiled in our skillful hands.

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